Female Half Orc Barbarian


Atla appears more orcish than human, has short, spiky hair and several tattoos. One across her sternum is in orcish script and translates to “everything can be taken” but also has a cultural underpinning of the idea that you better be a bad-ass. On one shoulder is the sigil for her ship the Ravanheart. The back of her hands and lower arms are covered with tribal designs; one side more Norse and the other more Asian. She has unusually sharp teeth and thick, strong claw-like nails on her fingers and toes. She has few possessions. Several throwing spikes, some practical clothing for various climates, a water skin, and two dao style swords that appear as if they would break if used in combat. She always has a small waterproof kit of survival essentials either on her person or within reach. She is never seen wearing shoes.



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